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Kollect Korner Points and Rewards

Program Details

Our Points and Rewards program offers a point based incentive for qualifying purchases on specified products, goods and services available on www.kollectkorner.com. Rewards points can be redeemed towards future purchases to provide a discount based on the amount of points applied. 

Points earned : Every $1.00 (USD) spent = 1 Reward Point

Redemption Values : 100 points = $1.50 (USD) 

Points do not expire

Terms and Conditions

Points can be converted into a monetary value and can be redeemed towards future purchases on our website. Rewards points earned here on this website on are non-transferable, nor have any cash or reward value outside of www.kollectkorner.com .  Points do not hold cash, reward, or discount value outside of redemption towards future purchases on this website. They may not be redeemed in the form of check, cash or gift card. Kollect Korner holds the right to make adjustments to the Points and Rewards program at anytime which may include program cancellation, customer account point adjustments and well as the programs “point per dollar” ratio value. In the event of program cancellation any unused points accumulated by customer will be forfeited, Kollect Korner will not provide any refunds, cash, gift card, coupon, gift or discount as a result of this circumstance. Points will be adjusted accordingly in other events including but not limited to, error in payment transaction processing, incomplete orders, cancelled orders or refunded items.  Any questions, concerns, or disputes regarding points and rewards program can be submitted by email at support@kollectkorner.com. We will be sure to respond in a timely manner to resolve your issue.  You can review our FAQ Page for commonly asked questions about our rewards program by clicking the button below.

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